Non-penetrating Rooftop Guardrails

We will audit, design and install a versatile non-penetrating guardrail system to make your building as safe as possible. Our guardrail system is engineered, tested and meets WorkSafeBC and OSHA guardrail requirements. This is a non-penetrating system, we don’t drill holes or breach your roof membrane, avoiding the potential for damage and water leaks.

Universal Work Platforms

Our universal platform design is completely versatile and infinitely expandable. Attaching platforms, stairs and ladders is accomplished through common bolt hole patterns found on each side of the platform, eliminating the need for hot work on site.



Our pre-engineered crossover stairs quickly configure to gain safe access over pipes, parapet walls, or other obstructions. Three platforms can be bolted together in a series without tower supports, providing up to 9′ of linear clearance.

Fixed ladders

Fixed ladders are an effective installation to gain access to roofs and elevator penthouses. Our fixed ladders are designed and manufactured to meet WorkSafeBC and ANSI standards. Made from steel and galvanized, our ladders are available with or without a cage.


Skylight Fall Protection

When working on roofs skylights can often be overlooked as a hazard, but don’t be fooled, unguarded skylights pose a real danger. Our skylight fall protection guards provide cost effective and easy-to- install protection from falls through skylights. They are available in many sizes, are OSHA compliant and provide worker safety.

Permanent Rooftop Walkway

EnviroSafety can provide and install a complete roof access solution installations, including permanent walkways and stairs. The Kee® Walk system provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone who needs to access a roof in the course of their work. It provides a clear demarcation route which protects the roof surface from unnecessary damage and uniformly distributes the pedestrian load across its surface.


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