This course is intended for any personnel that will be working around confined spaces or who will assist in the creation of a confined space program. It will outline the requirements of a confined space program. Participants will look at examples of confined spaces and identify hazards associated with them. Examples of hazard assessments, Entry procedures and Permits will be explained.

Price: $145.00 / person.

Course Length: 4 hours

Method of course delivery:

90% Real Time Virtual Training

10% Student Exercises

Texts and Equipment Provided:

  • Course workbook
  • Back up PDF links to Courses material (OHS Regulations, OHS Regulatory Guidelines)
  • PDF’s of group exercises to be performed in breakout sessions.
  • PDF’s final test.
  • Wallet certificate

Equipment Provided:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection


Upon successful completion a 3 Year Certificate will be issued.

Course Record:

Confined Space Entry Awareness, Developed by Envirosafety Confined Space Equipment Inc., ©2013


*Provisional certification: This course requires the participant to demonstrate their competency by performing live exercises. During the COVID-19 pandemic a provisional certificate will be issued under these conditions:
a. For students who have completed a competency assessment by Envirosafety in the past 3 years, a 1-year certification extension will be issued after completing the virtual course.
b. For students who have not completed a competency assessment by Envirosafety, a 3-year certification will be issued requiring them to work under the direct supervision of a trained and qualified supervisor.
c. For students who complete the hands-on competency component within 6 months, a full certification will be issued upon completion. 3-year certification calculated from the virtual leaning date.

100% Written Test (passing score is 70%)

Topics of Instruction:

  • Confined Space Fatalities
  • OH&S Regulations
  • Identifying confined spaces
  • Confined Space Program
  • Hazard assessment process
  • Atmospheric Hazard classifications
  • Atmospheric testing requirements
  • Entry Procedures
  • Gas testing requirements
  • Venting, purging, inerting requirements
  • Lockout/isolation requirements
  • Entry permits
  • Stand-by persons
  • Rescue requirements

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