Pelsue Davit Arm System (no base)


  • Rated for up to 350 lb worker
  • Quick connect winch attachment bracket
  • Capable of mounting 2 winches (winch not included)
  • Winch sold separately
  • All aluminium construction
  • Weighs less than 50 lbs
  • Several base options are available (sold separately)
Category: SKU: PEL DK1824


The PELSUE RESCUE DAVIT ARM (winch not included) consists of an aluminium offset tube, fabricated elbow section, and aluminium center post with hoist mounting bracket. Assemblies are offered as adjustable offset units capable of either an 18″/24″ (PEL DK1824) or 30″/36″ (PEL DK3036) or 42″/48″ (PEL DK4248) offset reach.

All davits are man rated to 350 lbs and offer a universal bracket for attachment of alternate lifting systems and/or 900 lb. MAF fall arrest devices. Assembly provides locations for up to two hoist mounting plates.