Large Multi-Pak Air Cart (4 outlets, 4500 PSI)


• 4500 psi
• 4 outlet aluminium block manifold
• 4 respirator couplings
• Safety release valve
• Adjustable regulator

Category: SKU: AS MP-2300ENB


The LARGE MULTI-PAK AIR CART is designed for multiple industrial applications and for easier mobility and function. Incorporates features like protected controls, user storage box, narrow profile and quick-release hose hangers. Available in pneumatic alarm and electronic alarm versions.
This pneumatic alarm version has 4500 psi hardware, pneumatic low-pressure whistle alarm, 4-outlet aluminium block manifold, check valves, safety relief valve, adjustable regulator with pressure gauge, four respirator couplings and a storage box with latch. Cart is supplied with universal hand tight nuts so that either 2400 or 4500 psi cylinders can be used. Includes a quick release hose rack that will hold 200 ft (61.0 m) of 3/8-in (0.95 cm) hose, 16-in (40.6 cm) pneumatic tires are standard. Cylinders sold separately.