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EnviroSafety was founded by Mike Orchison and Steve Johnson. Both have extensive experience and training in technical safety applications and business management. They saw a gap in the safety industry, there was an absence of a dedicated specialty companies who were committed to technical safety applications. After significant planning and development, EnviroSafety was incorporated on December 12, 2003. One of their first accomplishments was a contract with 3M Canada to provide repair service, technical support, and training to their customers and engineering staff.


EnviroSafety began teaching confined space awareness and entry training courses. These programs were developed in response to the demands of their customers who needed formalized site-specific and application-specific training for confined space applications.


EnviroSafety launched several courses including Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection and Confined Space Rescue. Moving forward, EnviroSafety has continued to grow their course offerings and their teaching methodologies to incorporate site and application specific components.


EnviroSafety introduced its new training centre; a 2500sq’ facility with a classroom positioned amongst 10 simulated confined spaces, as well as fall protection anchors and platforms encompassing a variety of applications. This training center provides a comfortable and safe training space without the limitations of outdoor environments.


EnviroSafety began providing consulting services, offering hazard assessments, written procedures and rescue plans. This has proven to be helpful for companies needing to speed up the process of meeting their safety requirements.


EnviroSafety launched new training facility with custom engineered decking, complete with two confined spaces and a 9’ aluminium tank.


The future for EnviroSafety is very promising. Our goal is to continue to grow and to help small companies and larger corporations to keep their workers safe by providing a full 360° service for all technical training applications. We give you our best so that you can be your best, safely.


Organisations We Support


We believe it is critical to support social programs, the environment and people that need a little help to improve their safety and quality of life. For each training course we provide, we donate one back pack filled with school supplies to a child in need. We launched our Back to School Back Pack Program in 2010 in conjunction with Jeremy’s Memorial Foundation, who insure the backpacks reach women’s shelters around the province. We would like to thank Jeremy’s Memorial Foundation for helping us fulfill this commitment and we hope that this contribution positively impacts the future of the children in our community.