Safety Training

It is your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees. Providing health and

safety training ensures your employees are not injured by the work they carry out. We

develop a positive culture, where safe & healthy working becomes second nature to everyone

and help you avoid the financial costs of accidents & occupational ill health.

Our 360º approach makes the process simple by breaking it into 3 steps:


Hands on training

We tailor our course content to provide relevancy to your work-place application. EnviroSafety

instructors go beyond book knowledge and have the industry experience to help students

identify scenarios that they may not have encountered. Our instructors help ground technical

knowledge with real world applications.



Our catalogue of online training means your workforce can train anywhere at any time without

logistic limitations. E-learning provides immediate results and feedback and the most up to

and cost-effective content.


Records Management

We provide efficient and systematic control of training records with our Record Management

System (RMS) by providing you secure access to your employees training records and

certifications. We deliver training maintenance and support to increase effectiveness and

decrease administration costs