Fall Protection

Prevention is the best form of cure. EnviroSafety prevent falls on your worksite with a fall

protection plan outlining the correct training and equipment to keep your workforce safe.

Our 360º approach makes the process simple by breaking it into 3 steps:



Each Fall Protection consultation starts with an evaluation of the current systems in place & the

challenges facing your company. We hand craft fall protection procedures that can easily be

followed by your employees.  We provide you with equipment and knowledge to do the job




Every company that works at height or has fall hazards should be trained for fall protection.

EnviroSafety provide your employees with the right credentials. We offer training courses on

a schedule that will fit your company needs. Our training is based on industry requirements

and government regulations (WorkSafeBC).



We provide you with safe and cost-effective equipment based on the fall protection plan we

have developed for you. Our fall protection training courses ensure all workers can safely set

up and use systems.


If you would like to discuss or find out more about our services, we offer please contact

[email protected]rosafety.ca or 604-298-7777.